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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Wigan, England on 1981-09-09 02:00:00 - Stationary, landed ufo observed in night emitting multicolured light display

Before i relate my experience to you, let me state that i am perfectly willing to be hypnotised or to undergo any scientific tests whatsoever to establish the veracity of this experience. in fact, i would positively welcome any assistance which could possibly shed any light upon it. i have no doubt that skeptics will insist that my experience is nothing more than a dream or a false memory. however, this particular memory has remained unusually sharp and clear in my mind to this day, 36 years later. in fact, this memory has only grown in significance with time - haunting and puzzling me as to what it could possibly have been. nothing like this has ever happened to me since. it occurred in the year 1981 or 1982. i would have been five or six years of age. the event took place one evening, late at night, when everybody in the house was in bed. i was in my own bed, asleep in my room, which was at the rear of the house on the upper floor. i remember suddenly waking up. the pitch-black darkness of my bedroom had been suddenly interrupted by a spectacular light display. i could also hear and feel a very deep, low, humming sound and vibration. wondering what was happening, i sat up in my bed, looked around my bedroom and noticed that the multicoloured lights were coming from outside. i could see the colours moving, shifting and pulsating from behind my bedroom curtains; so i got up, opened the curtains and looked down through my bedroom window into the garden below. to my left, beneath me, parked stationary on the lawn of the garden, i finally saw the source of the sound and the lights. it was a cylindrical, silver-coloured, smoothly metallic object, slightly smaller than a car. this object was absolutely motionless; it did not seem to be floating or levitating in the air. although it was absolutely motionless, its light display was exactly the opposite - a fast-moving, kaleidoscopic, dazzling swirl of lights revolving clockwise. the patterns were very beautiful and quite mesmerizing. as i stood there watching the lights through my bedroom window, i remember feeling joyful. the source of the lights seemed to be radiating a sense of cosmic love and peace to me. i do not remember anything more. i must have lain back in bed and gone to sleep. with hindsight, it seems to me that this mysterious object was communicating with me through its light display. it seemed to be trying to deliver a message from across the universe. it was certainly not a threatening or hostile presence, in fact quite the opposite. while i realise i am entering into the realm of complete speculation here, my intuition tells me, after all these years, that these were angelic aliens: disincarnate beings of pure light. they were the lights themselves, dancing! if my account is of any interest to you, then i would be delighted to provide you with as much detail as you desire. i relish the idea of being hypnotized so i can revisit the event and perhaps recall more latent memories about this event.

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Credit: MUFON

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