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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Shreveport, Louisiana on 2018-08-15 00:00:00 - Only about 13th time i've seen this ship sometimes i think it could just be a hologram projection

Walking out from my driveway into the street. i'm friends with many multi-dimesnional aspects of myself and have spoke with and even seen many things i also channel at times lately.. although u can interact with the beings here.. but channeling is a great bridge 2 getting comofortable first like a interdimesnional telephone of sorts... i've even started getting video when i talk to beings lately... weather thats nature or other realms and interstellar beings..... large city ship there are much larger one.S i believe this is the same 3 1/2 mile size city ship ive eve seen this ship showup or a similar one in mr.Mbb33's youtube channel on one of his videos the other month.. ive also already met the essassnai and even spoke with the acturians who threw my openesss i got a interstellar craft appear over my house and a being to teleport down.... all things have always been real dear friends we just will remeber when we are ready and open our hearts and know we can create/co-create/shift 2 any reality we so desire any time we want! i looked up this time and saw the southeast edge of the ship i have video and photos to of this huge craft that's so large my mom the time i shoot video of is saw it over 2 miles away when she was on 7700 jewella avenue in shreveport ,lousiiana.. i love them they are my dear friends and and cherish them very dearly... i stoped looking at it as you see this enough it gets to the point of commonality of seeing a satellite or airplane pass over. also i dont have any humans locally who will take me seriously or have a damm serious conversation with me as so many are so stuck in there 3d programming gettng threw to them is like just forget about it..... 2nd image is the area i typically see the ship in mostly becase i feel most comortable connecting with it there or wherever i feel like doing it seems 2 be able to change shape and size althogh hard 2 say as i haven't fully gotten 2 see the entire outside of the ship yet except in dreams and i am not allwing myself 2 fully remeber those yet

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Credit: MUFON

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