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Thursday, August 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Elst, Gelderland on 2007-05-01 00:00:00 - ufo that flutterd and wobbled, charged up and jumped into lightspeed

Sorry for the bad english... about ten years ago (i'm unsure of the date) i decided to stay up one night and watch shooting stars from my garden, i heard on the news that they were passing the earth that night and might be visible, which is quite rare in my country because of all the light polution. we don't see many stars here, but this night it was different. it kind of looked like there was a giant magnifying glass placed in the sky, i never saw space like this before, it was almost as if i could look deeper into the galaxy than usual. i saw nebula's, different galaxies, planets and all sorts of colors like red purple and green. it was amazing, i saw about 20 shooting stars and could even hear them hiss as they flew by. i saw another one in my peripheral view, but when i took a good look at it i noticed this was something different. i saw a light, like a star, only much brighter, and more round like an orb. colorwise i would say it was white in the center and yellowish on the edges. i cannot say if it flew in earth's atmosphere or was flying deep in space, but if i would have to choose i'd say it flew in space. also no idea of the actual size, but to me it looked about as big as a jet fighter, though it could have been bigger than the moon for all i know. they way it moved felt really off to me, it flutterd stutterd and wobbled while it flew, kind of like a butterfly or the hesitant steps of a chameleon, 2 steps forward 1 step backwards. the impression i had at the time was that there was something wrong with it, like the engine stalled or something. after flying like this for about 20 seconds it stopped, and it looked like it was charging up, it seemd to suck in light or energy from around it. it seemed to suck in so much energy from all sides (i could see the energy) that it became even more unstable and i thought it might blew up. at the moment i thought it would blew it dissapeared and reappeared about ten times in different locations, like ten meter to the left, five meters up, 20 meters down etc. after this it shot away, it shot away so fast i can only call it lightspeed, it shot away so fast that im not sure if it flew away or jumped into a different dimension, it was like a thousand times faster than a f-16. it left a trail, like a long beam behind it, and behind this were some twinkling stars, exactly like the 5 pointed star you would see in a logo or cartoon, which to me is the strangest detail from the whole experience. im not saying it was aliens, but it did seem to have some intelligence behind it, i felt like it was piloted and the pilot had some trouble flying it, he fixed it and went on his way again. it did not seem like a natural space light/meteor or something and did not look like man made technology to me. the way it flew seemed not of this earth. i don't scare easily but this thing left me terrified, after it was gone i went inside the house thinking everything i believed to be true was a lie, it shook my beliefs. but in a way i also feel blessed to have witnessed this, it showed me that there is more between heaven and earth, it made me more open minded i guess. thankyou for reading!

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Credit: MUFON

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