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Monday, August 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Hastings, Ontario on 2018-08-26 19:35:00 - Disc - mercedes type pattern across surface - 3 perimeter 1 center synchronized flashing lights

My daughter and grandkids were over for the day. she starts packing the car at about 7:30ish and shouts to me to come outside to see this object high in the evening sky, wondering aloud if it was mars. upon seeing this bright object, i declare that i do not think it is any planet as nothing has been there in prior days, and it was quite large ( at least twice the size i have ever seen any of our planets be ). we live in the country and i frequently take my dog out, always looking skyward, especially at night. not having any idea of what this could be, i get my binoculars, and my first look reveals 2 objects with the rear one bigger and disc/globe like, and the forward one saucer like. i say nothing as i pass the binoculars to my daughter and wait for her reaction. she likewise sees the same thing and proceeds to find a place to stabilize herself for a clearer look. during this time, the object starts moving slowly sw and for whatever reason, begins to become less bright and smaller ( perhaps the setting sun and/or proximity ) finding a spot, she then proclaims that it is just a single disc now with a mercedes like pattern stretching across it with flashing lights in the middle. i look again from the same vantage point at the now near overhead object and see 3 lights on the perimeter of this disc/globe, with 1 in the center, all flashing in a synchronized, alternately pattern. the object appeared far away and very large, and at about 10 degrees passed it apex, it turns west, the whole time moving very slowly until we can no longer see it. i have seen other inexplicable things in the night sky, and only once did i ever feel unnerved. this was obviously no natural object, and given it's size and obvious intelligent design, it was very disturbing, and i previously had no issue with the concept of alien life. this has left me almost not wanting to look up anymore.

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Credit: MUFON

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