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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Pflugerville, Texas on 2018-08-14 00:00:00 - Speed of plane, but changing direction and flashing white/red lights 94095 2018-08-13 2018-08-13 blue/green flashing light that was moving erratically, then started flashing brighter red and i lost sight of it austin tx, us 20180813001657.Mp4 i was on the balcony having a cigarette, and noticed this flashing light, and figured it was probably a helicopter, but it was moving odd. when i saw a plane cross the path and it seemed the light was higher than the plane, i grabbed my phone and started recording it. we had low clouds, because some storms had come through the area. it also seemed to be somewhat in a haze so i figured it was maybe in the clouds. i could be wrong. i've seen a couple things in the sky i didn't know what it was, so i was excited to have my phone on me this time. i could be being fooled by a drone though... i figure you guys would be able to give me the answer. i thought about the documentary i saw about mufon and that you don't blindly just go "yeah ufo" but actually will debunk stuff, like drones. so you'd be the ones in the know. i'm just super curious if i finally saw the real thing, or if i'm just over-reacting. i lost sight of the lights after they started blinking bright red and i lost it behind the building across the parking lot. i wanted to run out and try to keep filming it, but i was in my pj's... i don't know if it was making any noise, but i didn't hear any propellers...But i couldn't really hear over the neighbors karaoke. i've attached my video i took of it. i'd just like an answer if i finally saw the real deal or if it was something normal. thank you. 2018-08-14 1:01 am cdt 2018-08-14 1:05 am cdt i was in my backyard around 1:00 am cdt on 8/14/2018 trying to see if i could glimpse any persieds shower activity. i noticed a few airplanes but as i was watching one of them it was only flashing red and white lights (no green like most airplanes have). looking south, at first it was moving west to east then it turned in a controlled, wide loop and went east to west for while, then turned around again. it was at this time i decided to grab my phone for a video. the object continued changing directions during the rest of the observation. the flashing lights were not in a discernible repeating pattern, though frequently flashing. not exactly alternating, as red and white aligned once in awhile, so maybe offset frequencies. it almost seemed that the white lights were on the outside and red in the middle and one color or the other was prominent as it changed directions. wished i could have recorded the whole duration but only grabbed my phone after several minutes when i decided it wasn't normal plane behavior. no noise directly corresponding to this object so not likely a helicopter, although there were other planes in the area (municipal airport < 10 miles away) so hard to distinguish if the brief noise of propeller was the object or a normal plane at the time. but the other planes headed in their own, straight directions and this object was changing direction often. the brief propeller sound i did hear stopped as one plane left my viewing area, but this object was still going back and forth without sound observed. it was between 50-65 degrees above the horizon during it's flight, mars was visible from my location when observing the object. i've attached a video of the object in flight, with a couple attempted zooms but my phone's camera isn't the best at nighttime. also took a still photo with the object to the right and below mars, then another screenshot of the photo while zoomed in on the object. as for feelings/reactions - a little excitement when realizing it was not normal aircraft behavior, but certainly nothing overwhelming. i dunno, could be a plane or drone or something but posting this report to see if mufon can extract any details i may have missed or if anyone else in my area also observed this object

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Credit: MUFON

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