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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in NORWICH, England on 2015-10-20 20:50:00 - 3-4 glowing energy unidentified objects

During this evening i spent most of the time at home as it was wet and little cold outside. i was working on my computer researching ufo cases and posting on various medias having response from other users, chatting etc. and at some point of time sth weird happened to me like i had some feeling of some strange need to go outside like sth or someone tried to communicate with me. when i went outside to my backyard garden there were hovering 3 light ball like objects in the sky just like they were waiting for me. this was very weird feeling like being observed. i have decided to break my confusion and waved my hand to them as an act of greetings. then it became even more interesting because they responded by changing the intensity from glowing to pulsating light. at that point i knew they're inteligent and they were communicating with me. the pulsating light was like morse code, like some sort of light communication having within its patterns some message. they also made a show for me of their capabilities and this was amazing as they were able to change direction altitude, latitude at constant with 90 degrees changes as physics didn't exist for them. as i was aware about ufo cases i suspected it was some sort of antigravity propulsion system. i waved them again and they blinked their pulsating light again fluing around each other with very close distance. i would say they were huge rather than small and the distance to them was 500 or more feet. i would bet they were in diameter about 15-50 meters. what happened next is they flashed again very intense light to me like saying bye and lined up in formation as abnother same type object came to the from north east direction at very high speed and lined to them in front constantly breaking from the speed it had, like some sort of commanding craft. then they looked like communicating changing their light and its intensity. after that all of them flew in a v type formation where the commanding craft was first to the location where the the commanding craft came from. i am 100% sure that there were inteligent beings inside of those crafts and that they communicated with me. i don't know if others noticed that as this day it was dark, cold and a little rainy outside and i didn't see if other could see it as i was in my garden that is fenced around.

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Credit: MUFON

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