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Friday, August 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Portsmouth, Rhode Island on 2018-07-23 00:00:00 - Fell asleep after watching a david wilcock movie on humanity documentary rather meditated before i went to sleep i couldn't really sleep that night next thing you know i do fall asleep and i end up with sleep paralysis can't move so bright flash

I fall asleep i have lucid dreaming so i can pretty much control my dreams ii know what i'm sleep and i definitely know when sleep paralysis kicks in because it happens all the time it's scary i don't like it taunting torturous that can't move well i was visited by two entities they are very tall 7 ft skinny heads armin dies right above me they let me see him they didn't harm me then come to find out that morning i never sleep on my back i woke up in the form of a mummy with my hands crisscrossed on my chest and my legs perfectly criss-cross and i felt like i was drugged literally this happened on the 30th of july but my video surveillance had no beads for a week prior come to find out is blue orbs two orbs outside the house i spoke to my neighbor was a police officer i was prompted to my notebook and i said i would contact move on because i know something happened because i had no feeds in my camera and i was scared to even look at them because i saw a bright flash of light i never saw a ship i just saw flashes of light white bright light in the dream state and then i seen it on film and it took out my electricity that shows that it was on and then it was off but i fear not i'm not scared anymore i don't care what happens to me but i'm not scared and i just feel like they've enlighten me they didn't try and hurt me but waking up like a mummy feeling drug was not okay the first thought i had was egyptian pharaoh when i woke up that was my first thought for some reason i don't know and i was prompted to go write in my notebook first thing i wrote about was false alarm missile to hawaii and that it wasn't false and my purpose that i feel on this earth is an empath promote unity peace and healing so that we can save humanity from anything that feels the need to coordinated attack from a higher dimension i am very much so knowledgeable about this and maybe that's why they have come for me and that they want to be seen this is not a joke i am not playing i'm willing to be regressed because i want to know what happened and i want to know why i was visited back in december you're my cousin was involved in a hit-and-run accident in oklahoma and i had orbs to perfectly round orbs seen out the side of my eye but only out the sides it was weird and again fell asleep after a long day at work 45 minutes i fell asleep next thing you know i saw their murder within a week because i told him to look for a white vehicle that there was foul play i gave my aunt a list to go down there and speak to the detectives and i saw their murder and we had her memorial that weekend and come to find out it was a white yukon denali i'm not scared i know there's other things out there and maybe they feel my energy and know that i'm not scared of them and know that i'm here for a purpose for humanity i didn't see your craft i saw lights very bright lights and i checked outside to see if there are any burn marks on the property but it was very scary it freaked me out that whole day so i wanted to report it in case anything does happen because i follow steven greer and david wilcock and delbert blair and santos bonacci and linda moulton david icke all the greats and i feel like i'm going to contact you starseed empath earth angel whatever i've always been a compy down people come to me with their problems and i'm always healing but now i need to find out what's going on with me because when they touched me and i was near orgasmic that makes me think they are making hybrids and i believe i was abducted for at least a week i'm very very telepathic and it's stronger at times with the mental telepathy and esp but this is true and i would like a field and guest investigator to come out and have a look and maybe do their own investigation and bring someone to have me regressed i thank you for listening may we all find peace and love and unity and missouri and the heavens above higher dimensions.

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Credit: MUFON

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