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Friday, August 24, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Berthoud, Colorado on 2018-05-24 13:30:00 - New military-grade prototype drone?

On day of sighting, was outside of residence performing various yard-work chores, taking a break in available shade on rear deck area of location. was facing east, when attention was drawn towards the north by a noise that sounded like a standard prop-driven aircraft engine in somewhat close proximity to my location. glancing northward, noticed the passage of some type of dark-colored aircraft on a west-to-east trajectory, first observed through the broken foliage of nearby trees, until it progressed into an open, unobstructed view area. while under observation, the object maintained a level, linear trajectory while emitting the prop-driven aircraft noise at a rpm rate that sounded like near-maximum for a conventional aircraft, displaying a similar speed of near-maximum for such conventional aircraft. object possessed a quite dark, dull coloration and its size length was approx. that of a 6-8 passenger piper/cessna aircraft. object's fuselage appeared noticeably wider than tall, giving a quite low-profile, thin appearance that tapered towards its rear into what appeared to be a somewhat protruding, cone-like feature similar to that on the rear of a predator-type drone. the object appeared to possess only 2 somewhat delta-shaped wing features with vertical upturned ends at the tips, which appeared to attach to the fuselage at approx. mid-point along its length, and a short distance in front of the rear cone-like projection. after total of approx. 12 seconds of observation, object was lost to view in the northeast of my position due to blocking, dense tree foliage. before being lost to view, object's progression allowed view of it from an approx. 50 degree angle to the rear of its side, with the sunlight angle illuminating strongly the upper surfaces of the wings and their upturned tips. no other exterior observable features were detected within the short sighting duration and distance, including possible rear-mounted prop. to best of remembrance, sun was at approx. 60 degrees to the general south, very light scattered high-altitude clouds, warm to hot temperatures, with quite light breeze out of undetermined direction. sketch available.

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Credit: MUFON

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