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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in San Diego, California on 2018-08-14 21:12:00 - Typical triangle sighting - frequently visible in the same area at about the same time

I was driving west on i56. this is the fourth time i have seen this or very similar crafts. they are anywhere between 100-300ft. very low altitude. extremely black outer body. if you look up "vanta black", that's what the craft is covered with. one type has two bright lights in the front that would fool the casual observer into thinking they are landing lights. but they are not. there is also an orange or a red light in the middle bottom of the craft. i'm always tempted to pull over and try to take a picture and observe further or maybe even figure out a way to drive towards it. however, about a year or more ago, one already flew directly over me once while driving, i am not inclined to put myself in a vulnerable position. if it's alien, the chances are, they are not friendly. if it's military, they certainly don't want to be noticed. no good can come of chasing them down. i will make friends with kind beings from any world, but i'm not interested in being harassed by anyone. the craft appears to be looking/checking for something. the word the comes to mind is "sweeping". the craft moves very slowly, maybe 30-40 mph. definitely slower then highway speed. no noise whatsoever. a big dark silent observer. tonight's craft descended slowly from about 2 miles high to about half that height and proceeded to slowly move over some houses in the neighborhood just south of i56. the original trajectory seems to be coming over from maybe the la jolla area (maybe from the ocean?) and move over to around the carmel valley/ los penasquitos canyon preserve area south of i56. again, they seem to be looking for something or someone. this area is empty at this time of night. the craft was about about the size of 747, it was triangle shaped with bright lights. one yellowish white light on two triangle corners. if you stopped looking, it could easily be shrugged off as strange aircraft. but if you know they are out there, you will see the big orangish/reddish middle light. you will notice it moving at an altitude and speed that a small helicopter would be expected to do but not a fixed wing craft. you will notice that it blocks out the stars behind it in a triangle shape. you will see it descend very low to the ground and make absolutely no sound. it will move low and slow. as slow as 30 miles per hour. i lost sight of the craft as it kept descending (landing?) and i kept driving west i56 so at some point it descended too far for me to see. if you live in the area and are reading this, please keep your eye out for this intruder. i usually see it on tuesdays or wednesdays between 9:10 and 9:45pm. whatever they are looking for, and whatever schedule they are on, at least they are predictable.

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Credit: MUFON

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