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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Alpena, Michigan on 2018-07-10 21:35:00 - Glowing pulsating eliptical craft top orangish bottom whittish pulsating high/low colors in sync.

This is about a occurance that happened several months after my intial sighting that i had a conversation with sue gehrding. i lost her email and there has been a signifigant encounter that at first when it happened i didnt really want to deal with and tryed to put it out of my head. sue, that technology that was put into my head and didnt want to deal with. well this time it/he annunaki sattan flew right over my place when i was outside and all i can say is this damn gecko made it more clear what it wants from me. i didnt really trust what he was trying or should i say trying to make deceive me do through coehersion. he's been creeping around my place this summer outside when id go outside for a smoke. i know he's there but he wont physically show himself self to me. probably aware i would take his head off with a shovel which i would cause i'm not happy about all this you know. i think he feels safer utilizing it's mind to convey it's requests. it has stopped bothering me for about 2 weeks now and even the person i'm with has heard it's foot steps at night. i told her it's the neighborhood kids playing tricks. coward run's away when i turn on my night vision. well, i have a clearer understanding of how this 4 dimenional space time positioning system works. i've actually ordered parts for the prototype which i have 80% towards a build. it's not really so much a positoning system in that it can be utilized to locate physical areas where time is slower such as a worm hole etc. anyway it's not for me. it needs to be handed off. preferable to musk's team. socom has looked at my white paper but i havent heard anything. dan

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Credit: MUFON

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