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Thursday, August 9, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Cannonville, Utah on 2018-07-04 20:30:00 - Circle of light with random blinking lights moving slowly across sky, then up into the stars

My family and i were camping at kodachrome basin state park near bryce canyon un utah. i was in the rv doing the dishes and my wife was outside doing yoga when she called me to come outside and look at he object in the sky. the sun had gone behind the cliffs that surrounded the camp area, but it was still light out. the object was about half the size of the fingernail on my pinky finger on an outstretched arm. i was a very bright white. the sky was bright blue and the object was as bright as a lighthouse in the sky. we watched as it very slowly moved across the sky. it was moving so slowly at times i wasn't sure if it was moving. at one point it glowed a bright orange. i think it was catching the light of the setting sun that was just under the tops of the surrounding cliffs. this had taken about 10-15 minutes. the object was getting a little smaller in the sky and appeared to be slowly moving slightly se as it rose. i finally realized i should be taking pictures instead of just staring at it. actually, i got my binoculars first. with the binoculars, we were able to see that it was a circle of white light. not a disc, but a circle, and i could see the blue sky through the center of the object. it looked like one of those circular fluorescent light bulbs. just inside the circle, but still on the circle, were 4-6 blinking lights. there was also a blinking light in the very center of the circle. the lights blinked in complete randomness. if i were to label the lights as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and center, they were blinking in this manner: 1,3,5,center,4,4,3,center,2,1,1,5,5,center,2,center,3,2,4,center,5,5 and so on.The object was getting higher in the sky as we passed the binoculars around. i tried taking some photos and video, but only had my cell phone and a 50mm lens on my camera, so the object is quite small by the time i got around to recording the event. i did put my camera on a tripod, so the video from that is stable. maybe you can enhance and zoom it. we watched the object continue to rise up in the sky. it was getting darker and stars were coming. once that happened, you could clearly see the blinking, but it was so far away that it looked like a single blinking light. i watched it until all the stars were out (the campground is in the middle of nowhere, so all the stars were out). finally, the blinking object was so far up in the sky that i lost sight of the blinking and it just looked like another star until it was completely gone. on the attached photo zoom1, the object is in the center. if you zoom in, you will see it. it didn't look like that through my binoculars, so that is very weird.

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Credit: MUFON

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