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Monday, August 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Midland, Michigan on 1975-06-01 12:15:00 - Witnessed young girl being abducted by two men dressed in black. they saw that i saw them & they came to my door and told me to open the door telepathicly. they abducted me & took me somewhere & took eggs from my body & put something in my nose .

I was standing behind my screen door in the front of my home. i saw an old car parked next door with two men dressed in black forcing a screaming young girl into their vehicle. the men saw that i was watching & came to my home. when i saw them coming, i quickly shut the door. i thought to myself, had i locked the back door. they spoke to me telepathicly & told me they could get in even if the door was locked and told me to open the front door, which i did. they were around six feet tall, had top hats on and their skin was greyish. i thought they had wrap around sun glasses on because their eyes were almond shaped. i tried to lead them out of the living room because i had an 8 month baby in a car bed there. the next thing i remember was them asking me if i would give them eggs from my body saying that where they came from they needed genetic material from other races because they had reached a point where they were having problems. i told them they could have my eggs but they were to remove my genes from them, that they belonged to my husband. i then felt intense pain in my abdomen and i screamed and thought to myself that maybe the neighbors would hear me and call the police. they told me the neighbors couldn't hear me and i realized that i wasn't in my home. all during this time they didn't let me see their faces. i remember fighting them as they were implanting something in my nose. one of them said to another that he put one in my breast too. the next thing i remember i was in a spaceship and the driver was having problems with the craft and had landed it in sag harbour. i could read a sign on a dock that said it was government property and no trespassing. i was told that the government knew all about them. when the craft regained power he took me under the water and showed me an underwater domed city. i asked where were all the people. i could see buildings and street lights but no people. the next thing that happened i was taken to a mountain that opened up and we flew inside it. i was made to walk down a hallway where their were creatures that they kept locked up. i could hear a man screaming like he was being eaten alive. i asked where they got their people and was told transients. then i was put on a bus where the windows were blocked so i couldn't see out. i was taken to a room where there was an old man standing behind a desk. he informed me that i was going to be seen by a man who would decide what happened to me. i remember being told that if i told anyone about my abduction or what i had seen that they would hurt my children. the next thing i remember i was back home behind the door in my living room and i was bleeding vaginally. i told my husband what had happened and we both kept quiet for years. when i told one of my son's wives, my son had a bad attack of shingles and he was only in his early forties. this is my story.

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Credit: MUFON

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