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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Dunnigan, California on 1992-06-14 00:00:00 - Came out for a smoke strange flashing from above saw a craft in field several craft in different positions excavated something out of hills energy burst or release, transfer.

Came out to have a cigarette with friends. when i passed through the door it felt like someone was flashing a flashlight from the roof on my head. my perriferal vision was flashing. noon noticed but me. thought that it was strange processed to walk down the road to the south. there was a object about the size of a car glowing completely red hovering about a quarter mile out in field. a police car came from south and we stopped them. i told the two officers to look at the object and they said "yep that's a ufo alright. " blew my mind like it happened every day. id never seen anything like this before being from oregon. i asked i'd they had binoculars, and they did. i looked and i got a good look and i do believe that when it changed from red to blue it changed shape from horizontal to a vertical shape. they said that they were looking for a brokedown vehicle who had made the call then left. that's when awe were going back to the house to get our binoculars when i noticed that there were several ships blinking in different patterns stationed above the road to the north and to the south. as well as a cluster of ships over to the northwest above the hills on the side of the sacramento valley the ships above the roads where blinking red and then went dark. they were stationary but there was one traveling back and forth from the cluster of ships approximately ten maybe more. this ship was blinking from red back to blue continuously and was emulating some faint light from the front. it traveled back and forth from the cluster to the ship above the north end of the road. this was the freeway entrance. it seems to be shining that faint light on us maybe scanning us. strange cause it just kept doing this. the cluster of ships seemed to be hovering around the hills.Then two ships drew down toward the hills and one veared back upward when the other seemed to actually enter the small mountain. i couldn't be entirely sure maybe it just landed just beyond where i could see but i could almost swear that it entered the hill for a moment and then came rushing out towards the other ship it was flying near earlier. then all at once this fairly large and quite colorful burst of light and colors the shape of a giant mandala approximately a few hundred feet around seemed to appear from the ship that came from the hill. it looks like a giant energy burst of some kind lit up the sky all kinds of colors then it just seemed to disintegrate to dark again.

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Credit: MUFON

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