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Friday, August 3, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Piqua, Ohio on 1975-07-09 02:02:00 - 1982me @ 6 others seen a duck formation over piqu a ohio that hovers over us for 5 sec then flyed off fast

I was 7 to 8 when i seen monkey man like things that moved across the power lines that liked electric and lighting that would morph or teleport from spot to spot.When that would port around it was like a black hole space like colors with dog n smoke and lighting that all so at times have like lighting around there buddy's like litl e sparks i know that liked power lines and that spoke to me with there thoughts.I seen there planet it was very large like the jungle planet in the prpredtor movie like that all.Jungle when that spoke to me i could see each and every one of them there eyes n faces i could see them throw out space and there planet all at one time.Over the next couple yrs from 1975 to 1976 i only denver like 4 to 5 times i've had other strange things to like seeing a angel and devil which my mom can had smelled like rotten eyes and rose smells afterwords.But that i think is a different kinds of story gear even those my mom well say that i'm telling the truth and i sent know how angel that where light white blue hue to them with golden hair and a hue yellow light above there head and the devil i seen was a classic ram horn half pig goat human mix which held out a scroll and it in rolled and it pointed at it and flame came from its finger like to sign gear at the time when i seen the devil i seen flaming earth fire and bring stone all around and the sky was dark and flowed from the flames n brimstone below as i stood atop of a monten well scare the shut out of me run in and woke my mom that's when she smelled the rotten egg smell and the next morning is when i seen the angel neld at the foot of my bed i was still scard as he'll went to my mom's room again and that's when she smelled the rose scent in not much for touring and weighting but i have been to doctors to talk about what i've been throw even with my mom supporting me that kinda dissmis it i gess?

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Credit: MUFON

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