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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Chisholm, Minnesota on 1978-08-15 22:30:00 - Observed detailed craft - tried for better vantage point - object gone - 1hr. 15 minutes of "missing time"

I parked my car in a leased neighbor's garage at 10:30pm. i walked through the alley to my home's back gate and walked down the stairs to the garden area. i heard the power lines to my right (east) "buzzing," but kept walking until i noticed what i first thought was an owl gliding through the sky. i stopped and noticed it was actually a black-colored craft with several ports / windows and significant detail on the outside of the craft. it was shaped like a "flying wing." i would describe the exterior as being similar to animated "fly-bys" of space ships in science fiction movies. at first, i thought the craft was small and close to me, but later realized it was massive and high in the sky. it made no noise and was heading steadily in a northern direction. a neighbor's tree eventually blocked my view of the craft, so i hurried up the back steps of the house and walked to the front street of the house, hoping that i would see it. i did not see it, so i walked to the back of the house and shortly before putting the key in the door to unlock it, i had what i will deem an instantaneous shock, like i had touched a live ac wire. when i got in the house, i felt confused and stood in the kitchen for a short time. i believe 10 minutes elapsed from the time i parked my car until i entered the house. i walked to my bedroom, which adjoined my parents bedroom and noted the time was 11:55pm. i woke my parents' up telling them, "i saw something" and provided detail of what i had witnessed. over the last 40 years, this experience has troubled me and i've finally decided to share it. i believe i may have / must have? been abducted, but have no memory of it.

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Credit: MUFON

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