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Thursday, August 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Anderson, South Carolina on 1969-06-30 00:00:00 - Light in sky going se. light stopped and opened like a pac-man and smaller light exited first light.

Sometime between 1966 and 1970, my family and i consisting of my mom, dad, sister and myself, were returning from visiting family in honea path sc. i have always observed the sky at night and mentioned to my dad a light that was heading directly east. to me, it simply appeared to be a star that was moving across the sky. daddy said he had been watching it while he drove, so he pulled off the road somewhere between belton, sc and williamston, sc. i believe all but mother got out of the car and watched the light travel across the sky. daddy said it might be a satellite, but it didn't blink. as we watched, the light stopped and remained stationary for a few seconds. then, the light opened, that is the round ball of light began to separate as does the mouth on a pac-man creature on a video game. when the light opened, a smaller light emerged from the first and the first light closed. we watched as the second light went straight from the first and then abruptly - though not rapidly - went straight toward the moon, which was either full or close to full. the second light circled the moon, at least it appeared to, then shot rapidly straight up and out of sight. we continued to watch the first light which never again moved, and looked simply like another star in the sky. i recently asked my sister what she recalled about this event and her memories are very similar to mine. there were some variations, but basically she and i remember the event close to the same way. one thing she did not remember, however, was when we returned to our car, daddy mentioned he had been seeing some reddish glare in the sky and initially thought it to be a strange type of lightning. as we traveled on toward home, which was greenville, sc, the sky was lit up with a bright, red glare, which i would say lasted maybe two seconds. daddy then turned and said, "that is what i was talking about. but the other ones weren't as bright." we didn't see the red glare again. for years we talked about what we saw and always concluded it was an "ufo," but by that we simply meant "something in the sky we didn't recognize." mother and daddy have both since passed away but my sister and i both agree what we saw was very unusual and i simply cannot explain it. i was very young, around six to ten years old, but my sister is seven years my elder, so if i was ten, she would have been seventeen. both of us emphatically believe what we saw and have always wondered just what it was.

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Credit: MUFON

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