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Friday, August 17, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Dix Hills, New York on 2009-08-31 00:00:00 - Was picked up by sudden green "beam", met over 10 grey/insect looking beings was able to make what appeared to be telepathic conversation in which was asked questions about myself and earth before meeting light based intelligence. possible hybrid breeding

it’s still hard to believe, and even with my own personal experiences i remain a skeptic. but i met them, a bunch of them, inside their “ship”. a strange dark red glowing rectangular vessel massive in size and pointed out by one of my family members, outside our old house. it first was noticed moving against the night sky. i had my back turned and was able to get a tree obscured look but a look nonetheless. it appeared to be massive with what appeared to be a strange circuit board like texture a green beam whisked me up into the sky (i’d seen the same lights in the sky before, morphing rotating, and gyrating disks of pure amorphous light, and both i, and other passerby have seen them since on the same occasion. the second time being when it followed me with witnesses of the strange form in the sky.) any way, i woke up in a chair, sort of metallic, and technological, and observed a surrounding that was both made of white light, seemingly endless, and yet contained. there was a strange metallic scent. further from me in that light were anywhere from 10-14 super tall lanky extraterrestrial looking bipedal beings with super big long heads, sort of like in those old statues of osiris, with a sort of classic idea of what an alien face looks like with almond glassy eyes slits for noses and small vestigial mouths. they had bent back legs with insect like ridges on them and padded feet/paws. there arms were long thin and elegant with ridging at the forearm and three long ridge padded digits at the end of each of two arms. this is the part i don’t understand, because i could understand what they were saying. but they weren’t saying anything verbally. they were huddled on one end of this seemingly bounded white light static space we were in, yet discussing as if i wouldn’t understand them, you know, like humans around a pet goldfish. anyway i was able to understand that they were hesitant in deciding whether or not to run any “tests” on me, something about being different from others they’d found. i vaguely remember some of them feeling it was unethical to do so. that’s when i decided to respond. i’m not entirely sure how i did it but i managed to alert my captors to my own sense of self awareness, and letting them know that mentally i could understand what they were saying. this seemed to surprise them, and upon further inquiry they decided to ask me a series of increasingly complex and personal questions (the contents of which i sadly do not remember) but i do remember the last question. to paraphrase it was as best as i can recall the following: “...In the final assessment what is your opinion of your experience of earth, and what it has to offer?” i sensed a feeling of urgency and as best as i recall, i said the following:”...The good of earth is plentiful, but not obvious. the bad, seemingly too obvious. however the good of earth is stronger than the bad.” they seemed to be pleased with my responses to their questions and told me i was “ready”. now this is where memory again fails. i recall them calling forth from thin air solid light/touch screen technology to open an odd looking door that appeared in space and proceeded to tell me to try not to struggle. i asked what was on the other side, and the best approximation my brain could translate was “god”. there was an intense flash of light that felt like it was reaching into the depths of my being, and a sense of beckoning toward the light. everything after i gave in is practically nonexistent. something about having sex? maybe. then i found myself in my bed. i was 15 when that happened i’m going to be 25 soon.

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Credit: MUFON

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