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Thursday, August 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Greenbrier, Tennessee on 2018-08-11 23:00:00 - I observed a bright light in the night sky.No stars were out. so,i pointed a green laser at the light. it moved then hovered and flashed a beam of light back at me. as if it was trying to communicate.

i was at home late at night. around 11:00pm. there were no stars out but was very clear. i observed this one bright star like object hovering in the sky. i decided i would shine a laser at the light. it responded to the laser by moving abruptly and flashing a white beam of light at me. it seemed to be trying to communicate with me. this has happened on several different occasions. all very similar but different. i have witness all kinds of strange things out here. you can definitely tell the difference between helicopters and airplanes in my area. they all have flashing red, white, and blue lights on them. i tried using a digital camera to take pictures or even a video. but, the fully charged battery that i just bought went dead. completely drained of all power. i changed it again with another brand new battery but, it wouldn't work properly. it kept turning off on it's own. when the event was over. the camera worked just fine. i could not find anything wrong. accept, i had one dead battery and another one that was half way drained. i'm no expert by all means. but, i can rationally make very good judgement on what is not conventional or man made. you can just tell. people say it's a star or a satellite. but that doesn't explain the movements and the communication with the object. on other occasions. when you shine the laser at the object it just disappears or leaves.

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Credit: MUFON

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