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Sunday, August 19, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Orange Park, Florida on 2018-08-19 03:30:00 - Solid bright red just before and while moving; blue or green flashing when stationary

Between 3a and 4a this morning, i saw a ufo! and i'm not some crackpot lol. i got my mom up and my niece as witnesses. i am an amateur stargazer. and to be honest, i also hoped i would one night see "something else". well i actually did. i was looking south at the night sky and out of nowhere there is a bright red light that was not moving. i immediately thought it was a ufo because of how bright red it was and, at first stationary. now, it wasn't mars because it was as red, and i mean bright solid red. after about a minute, it moved a short distance to the right and up (northwest i guess you could call it). then it stopped. planes do not suddenly stop, at least not without dropping out of the sky! helicopters do, but it wasn't making a sound. and, yes, it was close enough to have heard a helicopter. after being stationary for about 30 seconds, it started flashing blue or green, hard to tell at night and from a distance. by the way, either it was just round or too far away to determine a shape. anyway, it stayed there for a couple of minutes, flashing, then it turned back to solid bright red and a few seconds later it moved a little more to the right and stopped again. a few seconds later it started flashing blue or green again for a several minutes. then back to solid, bright red then moved back to the left a short distance and stopped again. after a couple more stops, flashing, bright red moving, i noticed a pattern that every time it was going to move, it first turned solid, bright red. it stopped and moved many times, in different directions, in the same area of the sky, just above the tree line until, finally, it dropped below the tree line and i never saw it again. i was very excited and actually hoped it would come closer. call me crazy, but i tried to send thoughts to it to come get me. i figured if anyone had the ability to heal me, it would be aliens. i'm paralyzed from the chest-down. i'm going to look for it again all night and early morning. this time i will have a tripod and a digital camera with a 400m zoom. although it will be very difficult for me to try to get it in the camera viewfinder because of being paralyzed from the chest-down, but if i see it again, i hope i am successful at photographing it.

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Credit: MUFON

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