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Monday, August 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Mljet, Dubrovnik-Neretva County on 2016-07-14 16:31:00 - 3 different ufos or unexplained phenomena under a hour.

It all happened on 14.7.2016 1 object: first i went on balcone, i saw a grey dot on the mountain rocks. it all happened in town pro┼żura east of the small island of planjak. first i thought it was a reflective sunlight, nothing special. then after 10 minutes i went outside swimming. more i go toward the dot, more i saw the features.And suddenly i saw pattern like no moving tornado there, or like a spiral. this "tornado" had moving pattern (black/grey outlines).It wasn't a tornado! also i am almost sure it wasn't light phenomen. it looked like a portal to other dimension. tornado was also mobing up and down. it was white only outlines were black. it had no lights. when i go away from it to tell my parents i again saw a small dot. then we all go outside, and nobody couldn't find tornado anymore. i saw its trail. it has no colour. if you watch a trail you can see a tornado, but you see it is a trail. my sister also saw a trail. it was hard to find it. after few hours it dissapeared. it was all about some meters up the rocks 2. object: meanwhile the trail, sister spot yellow/orange star-like thing in the same way in the sky. a bird?, nothing? we don't know. maybe. it was all so interesting. it dissapeared in seconds. i didn't see it. we were still in the water at that time. 3. object: strange in the other direction after the end of 2.Event i spot really fast dark object. shape was cylinder. it was in the back of planjak island. no sound heard. you can clearly see it. at the front it had like a triangle tip( maybe cone). duration of event was about 5 seconds. only i spotted it. the last part of the object was open. maybe for removing a drive. in this opened part i saw pattern. sticks from edge went to the middle. it was almost same as the radioactivity sign ignoring triangle. i was so impressed. i really want to know what happened. hope you know the answer one day!

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Credit: MUFON

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