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Thursday, August 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Hudson, New Hampshire on 1987-02-24 20:30:00 - Incredibly uncomfortable and awkward feeling until object appeared from side of condo. thought it was a police helicopter. hovered, and then continued.

It was our food shopping night. when we got back to the parking lot we started bringing groceries in. i told my wife that i had a weird feeling, and i asked her if she felt anything . . . nope. went back out, and still had the same feeling, but i was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. brought more groceries in, and then went back outside to get more groceries. as i was heading outside, the discomfort got to the point where i felt like jumping out of my skin. as i walked into the parking lot, the feeling disappeared. looking northward toward the building, a white circular object appeared. as it traveled over me, it seemed to slow down to almost a hover, and the light looked like a police helicopter light, but there was no noise . . . absolute silence. behind me a fellow tenant came out of his apartment to go to his jeep. i was going to yell to him to look at what i was seeing, but fearing for what consequences might occur. i stood silently. the object continued across the night sky,and i watched it travel over the furthest building. i turned toward the west, and the horizon was the color of twilight at 8:30pm on a summers night, but it was february, and that does not happen in february. the next day, a colleague mentioned that there had been ufo activity the night before all the way down to boston where a mother ship had been reported. the following days newspaper reported the even as possibly a weather balloon. sure. i always get weird feelings around weather balloons, and the evening twilight always occurs at 8:30pm on a cold night in february. a couple of months later i might have been abducted, but i'm not sure, because it occurred while i was sleeping. i just know i have vivid memories of that incident as well and i still am uncomfortable going outside at night and looking at the night sky . . . don't know why that would be.

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Credit: MUFON

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