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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Cobourg, Ontario on 2018-08-13 00:00:00 - Two bright orange lights,one smaller sunk into clouds,could still see in nucleus of could while main light lit up clouds and lake ontario for at least 15 minutes.Migjt have been over new york shore, very large,airplanes in sky small in comparison.

I was driving my night run on hwy 401 going east. just east of cobourg i saw the clouds lit up orange thinking it might be the moon. as i drove closer i noticed a very bright orange light as the source. trees kept blocking view, but next viewing i saw a second object,also orange, but smaller. it went up over a cloud which was lit up from the larger light. it then dropped down into the clouds dimming in brightness, but i could see the pin point of light,even in the dense cloud, while the large light stayed stationary. 5 white lights in a row west of them looked like airplane lights, but the view was blocked. next viewing i only saw the one big light, bright like a welders torch with orange.I could see the orange glow lighting up lake ontario and a large expanse of clouds. i saw 2 airplanes fly in front of the object,but the planes were close to me. this light was huge and no aviation light or military flare could light up so much space. i viewed it for 15 minutes while driving. couldn't pull over and had to watch road, but never have witnessed this before. mars was in a different part of the sky,more to the west and looked like a tiny dot in comparison.There were clouds lit up behind the object, so it was not in space. other people would have seen this,as i can't accurately describe how bright it was,enough to distract me and keep me looking at it in awe. some other motorist were stopped on the highway where the view was good, couldn't pull my rig over, they might have been witnessing it as well

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Credit: MUFON

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