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Sunday, August 19, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Shepody, New Brunswick on 2005-05-07 23:03:00 - Observed light over neighbors yard in country. 2 f-16's and several (5) hellicopters

At my newly purchased farm outside city. approx 11:02 pm. clear ..Lots of stars.Observed a bright white over my neighbors small hill. saw no craft. 5 helicopters were circling the area and moved over by the light.I went in the house and called my friend to come and see. we observed helicopters flying around the mountain as my property is at the bottom of a mountain. however suddenly 2 f-16'or f-18's flew right over us at very very low altitude. they turned right and disappeared. then we watched the area where the light on the ground was and all seemed quiet.This took place for about 12 minutes or so. we went back in the house and thought it strange for this time of night out in the country everyone is in bed.At about 11:25 i went out again and noticed the helicopters again. i called to my friend and he came out and i said they're back!!! the same as before they were flying around the mountain and light and disappeared. again like before these 2 f-16's or f 18's came over us and banked right and disappeared. next i said something is up. we got in my van and drove up the road but all was quiet. we came to a side paved road and drove all the way around it until it linked up with the main rd again as it went in a circle. we saw nothing. all was quiet until we got back to 2 miles near my house. we stopped on the highway and looked to the right. we observed 3 helicopters flying around the mountain. when we looked to the left, we observed 2 helicopters flying over the ocean. we went back to my home. we no longer saw the light on the ground and all was quiet. we went to bed. the next day we thought there would be something in the news paper however there was not. nothing on the radio or tv. maybe a satellite or plane had come down but no mention ever. i feel we were probably the only two people to witness this event. what it was i do not know. however war games and practices over areas were people live at that time of night would be out of the question.

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Credit: MUFON

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