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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Bismarck, South Dakota on 1954-06-23 00:00:00 - Saw two light crossing the night sky joined by a third apkproaching at a high speed. the formation left the area making a perfect right turn on departure.

I had just graduated from collage and before starting a job i had to assist my mother and sister relocating from the east coast to the west coast by sharing the driving. we stopped at a motel outside of bismarck,sd for one of the nights. about 9 pm i was sitting on the steps of my motel unit and looked up into a clear sky. i spotted two small white lights moving together, as if in formation, across the sky. clearly not a normal evening sky event. i watched for close to a minute and another white light shot across the sky and jointed the first two. they then moved off together as if in a louse formation at a high rate of speed. suddenly the formation made a perfect square 90 degree turn to the right and sped off to disappear in the distance, a maneuver i thought, as an engineering graduate, was aerodynamically impossible. we left town early the next morning and it did not occur to me to get a local paper and search for other reports. i had developed an interest in the subject of ufo's as earlier that year we had a visiting speaker who's lecture topic was ufos. i have forgotten his name but it did stimulate an interest in the subject on my part. i later became a navy carrier pilot and owned and flew a beechcraft king air for a number of years accumulating over 4,000 hours of flying time both military and civilian. in all of my years flying i never had another visual contact with a ufo and, surprisingly, none of my fellow pilots ever discussed having any such contact. subsequently in reading your reports and others, i have also seen reference to high speed square turns as part of sighting which, to me, was the most significant element of what i saw. i realize this information is very much out of date with your research but i thought i would submit it for whatever purposes you would like.

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Credit: MUFON

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