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Thursday, August 9, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Rock Hill, South Carolina on 2018-08-03 23:30:00 - Solid glowing yellowish red like burnt orange cylinder object kind of looked like color of fire

It's about 11:30pm, i was outside on my front porch. i just so happened to look up, when i saw this very bright glowing between yellow and red more like a burnt orange like the color of fire solid cylinder shaped object come from the nw direction flying to the se direction about 100 ft from me at the tree line level it did ascend a little to be over a larger tree across the street from me. i watched it fly and thought, i see you. right as it is passing over top one of the larger trees it just disappeared.I tried to get my to get to my camera on my phone but wasn't fast enough. i had ringing in my ears for a for about 10 seconds of seeing this object and ringing in the ears stopped about 5 seconds after the object disappeared. i was wearing my classes as i normally do at night. it wasn't a plane, helicopter or drone made no sound at all. no flashing lights but a solid fire burnt orange glowing object. the whole sighting lasted maybe 23 seconds at best,right after the sighting my neighbors outside dog bella across the street adjacent to my home started to bark then my dog started to bark and the 2 german shepard at the end of my street started to bark. i will add it to the drawings of ufo i have seen and i am documenting these experiences as much as i can.

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Credit: MUFON

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