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Thursday, September 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland on 2018-09-12 00:00:00 - Red star-like item stationary, then rose steadily straight up then stopped. then steadily moved nw...

Evening in amsterdam around 19:30 (7:30pm) whilst on my roof terrace i saw a very clear red star around 500m from the ground, i would guess 1-2km from me. it was bright, and just hovered there. i thought at first it may be a drone. strangely at the exact time i spotted this i was also being disturbed by the sounds of many police sirens in and around my neighbourhood and in the distance. the light (i'll call it from now) then started to rise straight up, steadily up and up and came to a stop very high from where i first spotted it. it then started to move toward the west at the same speed. the speed too is fast as schipol (amsterdam's airport) isn't far and many aircraft land in and around the city. we can easily see the speed a craft makes and this was moving. then i thought i lost it, but it honestly appeared as if it was a plane! why? because it suddenly produced flashing white lights very similar to an aircraft. it then turned towards the north then i felt it vanished into the distance. i finished what i was doing and again had a look and it was back. red again and moving steadily in an easterly direction. when it again was going in the distance it again displayed aircraft lights. within three minutes later an aircraft landing on a runway which was not registered online as being at use at the moment. no aircraft had landed there for over 10 minutes prior and none afterwards. this is schipol, one of the world's busiest airports. any runway open is used. the aircraft which landed offered no sound as it flew past. i can assure you that from my roof terrace any aircraft seen from there can always be heard, even if the wind's direction is off, only excepting high winds would you perhaps not. of which there was none last evening. i feel that this 'craft'/light changed into an aircraft to land? i have honestly never seen anything like it prior and my partner thinks i'm mad. but what i saw was to crystal clear in my vision and mind. i knew what i was seeing and what it was doing. the entire time on the terrace i of course had no phone though when i saw it come back again as i mentioned above, that's when i raced down stairs for my phone. by the time i returned to had moved fast and appeared to then change. it is a smartphone quality iphone 8 camera. i do not know how to zoom in on film but i know on the film lies said light over the building heading east.

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Credit: MUFON

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