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Thursday, September 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Nescopeck, Pennsylvania on 2018-09-13 21:05:00 - Seen motion threw windowtook pictures and multiple alien objects a objects appear

I was laying in bed watching tv as i was i seen motion threw my window fan i took a picture with flash on and zoomed in an seen an alien looking figure again tonight i did the same an took picture and see multiple alien lookin abject the last few nights i see cords moving on there own my cellphone and remote either moving ffom side to side about a foot or swiveling back an forth i feel my cell phone cord being pulled behind me towards the wall/ window of my bed as i’m typing this i know it sounds insane but i have seen the pictures and feel and see the movements i am a sane person and i promise this is happening my girl friend is to how do i say it not believing me as i showed her the photos she makes up something else but whatever i forgot to mention my room is on second story the windows are on the first story roof as i’m typing this i feel my pillow being pulled away from me towards the window and and again i grab it to readjust it they are very intrigued with my girlfriends hair as it’s always hanging over the bed towards the window behind us i will grab it an put her hair back along side her an it ends up back there with out her moving lol i didn’t tell her that she’ll probably leave me but in all seriousness this is happening i promise and swear to all i am not making this up o see hear and feel all of it when my cell phone cord was moving i put my hand out and put it about two inches away from it it came to my hand very slowly all the moving objects/actions are very slowly moving the cord touch my hand and as i held it my hand began to tingle and be just a little painful but bearable so i will send the photos and try my hardest to circle the objects please study them and contact me asap i am a believer of other beings out there it’s insane to think we are the only ones thank you for your time the second photo was just a color or graphics change and that’s what appears thor third photo zoom in to the right side of fan that’s photo one if you look closely you can see one on the left side of fan threw blades they haven’t caused harm just loss of sleep for me because i’m a little freaked out my girlfriend is not the type to be saying i think there’s a aliens here lol you get my drift lol

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Credit: MUFON

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