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Thursday, September 27, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Gig Harbor, Washington on 2018-08-16 00:00:00 - 3 red lights configured in a triangle hovering above neighborhood - washington

I went from my house to the neighborhood convenience store in my car, the store is located on top of a hill, my house on the bottom of the hill. going down the hill headed north i noticed 3 red lights forming a isosceles triangle (no light being reflected in between the lights, it is nighttime, clear weather but a dark night.) the lights are hovering above my neighborhood seemingly stationed in between my house and the neighbors. as i approached down the hill i thought the lights were drones so i turned off my cars radio and stuck my head out the window but no unusual sounds were noticed. i parked my car and and stood at the driveway observing the lights trying to rationalize or legitimize what i was seeing. upon closer examination on the lights characteristics while i was in the drive way i noticed that they did not resemble any electronic light i am familiar with, they seemed to move like a stationary flame but while maintaining a color of red darker than than fire, and it moved more slowly while in place than fire as well. i walked into the backyard of my home and the lights were in the same place they were in the driveway. (the lights seemed unaffected by the low wind) upon further examination of the lights from my backyard they seemed to move slowly to the southwest but i noticed that while the space in between the lights were the same black as that night (nothing in between them) the light closest to me (being closer to it in the backyard) i noticed that the flame-like light reflected a slight silvery surface directly behind it from my perspective. the lights then moved in the same direction past some trees and out of my view. i ran inside to a fellow occupant of the house saying something starting with "i know how this is going to sound.." the occupant declined coming to the front yard to look at the lights, i was in the house for about 30 seconds when i came out of the house in the front yard an d the lights were gone the thoughts that went through my head were -holy **** -don't take a picture - that was a weird recurring that i had the whole time. in hind sight i really should have taken one -the fellow occupant has to see this more observations -the lights stayed in the same triangular shape the whole time -i first noticed the lights .5 miles away -i watched the lights from my house as they appeared very close 30-40 feet away -the triangle was large, i'm not sure of distance between lights -it emitted no sound -i felt no change in anything standing under them after, i thought they were flying lanterns like you see people make in places like japan, but the whole experience has stayed with me, enough i wanted to see if i could research the strange lights. the only information i can come up with research is ufo phenomena

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Credit: MUFON

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