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Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Waverly, Ohio on 2011-11-23 23:23:00 - Was traveling from chillicothe heading towards piketon ohio just nearly out of chillicothe and noticed to stationary lights in the sky they seemed to hover over a field to the left of me around 500ft away the lights would stay lit the flash strangly

Chillicothe,oh date: november 23,2011 time:11:32pm i was driving southbound on the highway heading towards pike county oh, and happened to see a light flashing in the distance around about 500ft from where i was located i decided to take the next exit onto i think but not for sure chillicothe st. i took a right after coming down the exit ramp and parked my car over where the old mobile home sales place used to be and proceeded to walk across the road and over the train tracks to watch the lights the lights appeared to be still for some time, at around 11:44pm the lights started moving and one would fly about 28ft away then return the the other light would repeat the same step the more i watched the more i started to hear a musical instrument being played in my head and my hears popped a few short minutes later the lights joined and slowly started to fade i'm not completely sure on what the lights was or where but still to this day i have these crazy headaches,and shivers as if someone or something is constantly watching me, i see things at night that nobody else can see, i dream of falling in the black hole,and as if someone is holding me down and i can't move my body feels heavy at times. i've been having strange numbers appear when i dream numbers in patterns 0----000-0100-0000-----1 there zeros and ones i'm still trying to to write them as they come but it feels like something is trying to communicate with me, i hear things through static on the radio honestly i don't if it's ufos or people just like us on other planets but something is happening something is coming i just have to find it an solve this code of numbers........ 7 years later today i'm 25 still having the same dreams and seeing things, i see random things in the night sky sometimes they move sometimes they flash in a weird pattern or move in ways that are different from earth's movements or from the way or objects move in gravity. i spend my time alone to think and calibrate what's happening i see flashing through my eye lids when i sleep, i've never been abducted that i'm aware of i have woke up in my car once at the state forest unsure how i got there but that doesn't matter because all i think about is this code or pattern with number maybe it's a coordinatings idk but i'm tired of my head hurting trying to solve the rhythm of numbers and dashed an the flashing of my eye lids. i do not wish to be contacted by your company unless it's by email only.Thanks

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Credit: MUFON

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