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Thursday, September 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Waldron, Arkansas on 2018-09-12 20:20:00 - Me and my fiance observed a huge stationary ufo while traveling to work the night of the 12th.

me and my fiance were traveling to work on the night of 12 september 2018. shortly after dark at approximately 8:20pm 5 miles south of waldron, arkansas on hwy 71 traveling north, my fiance exclaimed "what is that?" i was driving and when i looked over at her in the passenger seat she was leaned forward pointing straight up at the front windshield. she again said "what the %^&$ is that?" looking where she was pointing i could observe nothing from my vantage point except a glow on the windshield as from an external light source. this seems improbable because we were in a rural location with no street lights and no oncoming traffic or traffic behind us. also there are no buildings in the vicinity. it was pretty much empty highway and cow pastures in this location. trying to get a look at what she was talking about, i leaned forward as far as i could and looked straight up through the windshield. i observed several bright lights in the sky straight above our vehicle. the lights appeared to be approximately 300 yards straight up and not moving. the lights were white very bright and appeared to be a vertical row of two or three then a distance then two or three more then a distance to a total of 3 rows that i observed, my fiance (who observed for a longer time) saw five. it was like looking at stadium lights in the sky over the vehicle at night. due to the darkness and the bright lights we could not see anything else. i was only able to observe this for a second and then forced to turn my attention back to the road to avoid wrecking. the lights appeared to me to be part of one huge craft larger than any aircraft that i know of and we did not hear any unusual noise. a little in shock from seeing this i continued to drive not wanting to stop near this thing. when i thought it was safe about a quarter mile from where we saw it i pulled over and tried to catch a glimpse of it again. we could not see or hear anything. the only thing my fiance observed different from me besides 5 lights instead of three, is that the lights appeared to be rotating as in one light on the right would go out and one on the left would come on at the same time giving the appearance of a large rotating craft.

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Credit: MUFON

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