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Friday, September 28, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Alkmaar, Noord-Holland on 1997-08-12 23:59:00 - Isosceles triangle with 4 lights observed with witness august 12th 1997

It was august 12th just before midnight and the perseids were supposed to be visible in the sky so me and two others went to the oosterpark in alkmaar to lay down on a blanchet and look at the sky. i saw an enormous triangle in the sky best to be prescribed as an isosceles triangle. it had four lights. two in the front and two in the back in opposite. it smoothly flew very high and fast (a matter of seconds) from south to north, clouds passed by unerneath it but it also was big. you could hold a guilder coin (we didn't have euro's yet) in front of your eye at arms length and it would cover the full coin. it must have been larger than a kilometer. i said to the second and third friend look, look! and the second friend saw it too. the third person couldnt see it, looked at the wrong patch of sky. it was massive and blocked out the stars behind it. at home me and the 2nd friend drew it on a paper. we had not spoken about the light configuration but once we were drawing we drew exactly the same. to me that was a scientific way of to prove that we did see the same without influencing eachother. it was more than a decade later that i learned about the phoenix lights in arizona. to my astonishment i saw that one of those crafts seen by also fyfe symington, resembles exactly what we have seen! and how amazing that it was also that year 1997!!I mailed about it with dr lynn kitei and got a nice reply from her. i mailed it to dutch ufologist coen vermeeren but never heard of him. i never officially reported it. the phoenix triangle did not just stay in phoenix it must have circled earth or have been around at least until august 1997 exactly five months later. i have spoken with that friend about it recently. he still remembers and also confirmed to me that it was certainly an out of this world experience.For me personally it was the 4th and last ufo experience. the first one starting in 1994 (reported)but that was not a triangle. i will report the other two also.

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Credit: MUFON

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