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Friday, September 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in South Carolina on 2013-05-14 00:00:00 - Bright light spotted us miles ay, turned solid and within seconds manifested above us

I was with two friends, walking a field at night; it was about 10pm. i notice a lot of flying lights in the sky (probably 5). my friends and i laid down on grass to observe them for about 20-30 min. when we stood up, our directional compass changed. we didn’t know where our direction was at that point and were considering going back. i pull my friend over to the side to speak to him in private. i was telling him that those lights had been following me for some time (since 2007-2008). at that moment, we saw a huge golden light appear about 50 miles+ in one direction in the sky. it was as large as a full moon.We stared at it for a couple minutes then descended within a second. while we questioned what it was (about 3-5 min later), it shot up into the sky with a golden trail and very slowly started moving towards our direction. i stood up and started walking towards it. my friend got scared, asked what i was doing. by the time i said ‘i want to see what it is,’ it manifested before us, about 100 feet away, less than 50 feet in the air. the craft was loud, gray metal, oval-disc shaped, with orange-red and green bulbs all around. we were all afraid and didn’t know what to do. the craft ejected a black tube in the front, releasing a bright blue-white light. the tube moved left and right as if scanning the field. it started moving closer to us. one friend wanted to run, another wanted to lay down. i stayed and looked up as it moved above us. there was a telepathic exchange or something similar in which each of us were given a message, but there was no actual audio. it seemed as if hours had passed but it was a matter of seconds, minutes at most. the craft continued to scan the field for about another 20-30 feet before it slowly ascended straight into the air, lights blinking, no sound. till this day, we still don’t know what it was. if it was alien, why does the craft have bulbs? the craft was about 250-350 ft or so. it was very large and loud, appeared like old technology but moved in a way we’ve never seen before. it had been watching us from miles and miles away and changed form several times during the course of the night.

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Credit: MUFON

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