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Thursday, September 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Lake Stevens, Washington on 2011-03-13 06:30:00 - Whent inside of top of mountain never came out.

It was the morning of sunday 13th march 2011 or staying with my then-girlfriend emily her home overlook the cul-de-sac 123rd avenue and lake stevens we came back from tulalip casino in marysville washington i was a bit pissed off because i was the designated driver and had to fly everybody to drive them home along with my friend derek at the time once we got to the house everyone fell asleep but i remained up i remember looking at the clock it was about 6:15 a.M. there was an overcast of light rain that warning out of the main window on the second floor which is a pretty big wide window with very light curtains that were wine-colored out of the window you could see about 30 miles out of distance mount pilchuck is about 15 miles north and you have a clear view of it from the window as i turned on the tv to watch the sunday morning news i seen a bright light out of my peripheral i turn to the right and looked and i saw a huge football shape craft glowing bright red and orange and yellow floating towards mount pilchuck has as i stared at it it didn't look like it belonged it was very vibrant but sharp you could see the full shape of the craft so i seen it go to mount pilchuck and thought it was passing behind the mountain so i maintained a stare and it did not come pass the back of a mountain so i knew it went inside of the mountain and i asked my girlfriend the next day or later on that day hey what's going on mount pilchuck she says there's a lot of disappearances around there and all types of string stuff happens up there i never reported this but mentioned it to a lot of different people and they sort of laughed it off but i'm a very perceptive person i've been an artist for many years and i pay full attention to details i believe that there is a base inside of mount pilchuck i actually looked it up in 2016 and people seeing lights around that mountain i know what i've seen around that area of objects even driving to work as a security guard down in bellevue washington i seen another object or like a lantern looking object over the millcreek area i would like to be reached maybe you can send people out to investigate that area but i know for sure that for a fact there is something going on in that mountain even though people go hiking there there is something going on inside of that area in that mountain i can be reached at 619-717-4310 thank you.

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Credit: MUFON

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