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Friday, September 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Hampton, New Hampshire on 2018-09-23 19:15:00 - A long string of approx 12 red orbs level to the low clouds at 2000ft

During a brilliant sunset, i was riding my bike south towards center of ocean blvd., when i saw a long string of red orbs (spread out over a mile) level to the low clouds. (clouds at 2000ft approx) i know that the reddish sunlight was likely hitting these silent objects (but they definitely had their own light source), and they were not airplanes, as these objects were clearly distinguished from a plane and helicopter which were flying closer and lower along the beach during this time with the white headlights and noise of their props. these red objects had two tones red and a whiter color but were not like rockets (or fireworks), and were silent and moved the speed of single engine airplanes. (in the past i have seen squadrons of old airplanes returning from airshow events in general area, but these objects were nothing like that.) they moved in a line from south to north and seemed to turn into the cloud bank to the east out over the ocean. they seemed to disappear that way one by one, and i only followed a few of them to see that happen. after a minute as i rode south i saw 3 in a triangle come along the same flight path. i don't know how others a the beach could have missed seeing these, but the beach is lightly populated compared to the summer crowds. i could have taken pictures, but i had separated from my wife and it was getting dark and had already taken my quota of the beautiful sunset that day. i felt peaceful, and it seems like i just was not inspired to take pictures, and that is unusual for me. i am thinking about creating a sketch.

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Credit: MUFON

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