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Thursday, September 6, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Moose Lake, Minnesota on 2010-02-10 00:00:00 - Stepped outside to smoke with friend and observed white blue orb 7-10 feet hovering just below tree line 30 yards away. hovered then started moving slowly then zipped away in a flash, no noise. perfect quiet night, now wind, moon or sound 0 degrees out.

During the first part of feb. 2010, i was house sitting for my father. my friend and i stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. it was about 0 degrees outside, no wind, no moon..No clouds. very quiet. about 11pm. we both lit our cigarettes and looked up at the same time to see a bright blueish white circle about 7-10 feet in diameter hovering about 30 yards away at about a 75 degree angle to the horizon from our position. it made no noise. i wanted to see if it was attached to something possibly that i was not seeing because maybe the light was preventing me from seeing it. so i looked away to see where i was running to run around to see the back side of it. when i looked up again it was gone. when i first saw it, it was hovering and then began slowly moving to the east (my right) picking up speed slightly...But still very slow...This is when i started to run to get a look from behind. i asked my friend what happened after i started running and she said it went for a bit stopped and then took off so fast it was out of site in an instant...I believe a slight upward angle.... she never believed in them before. i have done a lot of research before and after this event. my background is naval aviation. i have over 700 hours as a naval helicopter crewman, and over 1000 hours in boeing c-9 as a crewman with lots of low level and high level flight experience. i know and can identify many aircraft by size, shape, sound and light configurations. i also have over 7 years of law enforcement experience as a sworn officer. i have a 4 year degree from a well known university. i do not use drugs. my experience did not scare me. it was not expected, but very interesting. i am still very curious as to why it would be hovering so close to me. i would be able to provide a detailed map and pictures if needed.

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Credit: MUFON

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