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Saturday, September 15, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Pasadena, Texas on 2018-09-13 21:10:00 - Bright object in the west was not a star, plane, or drone.

I walked out into our backyard to retrieve the cat for the night, and i noticed a bright object in the western sky. at first, i thought it was a star, but then i could not recall which star of such magnitude would be in that position of the sky. i watched it for a few minutes, and as it hovered stationary, i ruled out airplanes. we live between ellington field and hobby airport on the southeast side of houston, so i am very familiar with the flight paths for both fields. i watched for about ten minutes, to give it some time to move, but it did not waver in its position. i watched some clouds drift between the object and my position. it was above the clouds and was bright enough to be visible through them. at this point, i ruled out drones and helicopters. we have apaches and mq-9 reaper drones stationed nearby. this was neither, and i have witnessed helicopters in a high-hover frequently in the past; they were never this still in the sky, or quiet; and the mq-9 does not hover. this object appeared to pulsate like a star but with greater intensity. it was more white than blue, and a red flash traveled from the top to the lower left side. this was a brilliant red color that was visible with the naked eye. the red appeared to start at the top, travel around the backside (from my position), and reappear in the lower left quadrant. i was able to go in and retrieve my binoculars for a better look and to confirm the red light's motion. i also had two family members come out to have a look and share their thoughts. after viewing the object for about half an hour, i went inside for a quick shower. about twenty minutes later, i went back out to see if the object was still there. it had moved in a direction away from me, which placed it lower on the horizon and more to the west. this was the direction i would have expected a star to travel across the sky, but as i compared it to other stars, the displacement of the object was much greater than that of the other stars in the sky, which all seemed to be in their same places. i made sure to make these comparisons from the same location. i finally went inside, because i get up for work so early and the mosquitoes were killing me. i do not know how long the object remained in the sky, though i rounded my interaction off at two hours. the next evening, september 14, i went back out to see if the object was still there; still questioning myself as to whether or not i had actually witnessed a star. there was nothing in the sky - it was gone. after running through my list of possible explanations with no answer, i became quite excited and felt very fortunate to have had this experience. my feelings have always been skeptical about these things, as much as, i do believe in the phenomenon, but i question many of the sightings that are reported. i must admit, that this is the second time i have witnessed something of this nature. before my first experience, i did not believe. since then, i have cautiously delved deeper into the subject when time allowed. what i witnessed the other evening gave me a great sense of comfort.

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Credit: MUFON

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