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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Mornington Meadows, Caerp, Cymru on 2009-12-25 19:30:00 - Moving orange light across sky at moderate speed, but when recorded on video it was flashing various colours.

Hi, i live in south wales in the uk and 9 years back on christmas day i captured this video on my old smartphone of a flashing object in the night sky (although with the naked eye it was just an orange light moving across the sky with no sound, but it was moving at a steady but faster speed than a plane or helicopter) and once me and my partner saw the flashing lights whilst recording on the phone we knew it wasn't normal so we uploaded it to youtube a couple of years ago. after seeing your organisation on many ufo documentaries i thought i would get in touch with you guys at mufon to possibly get some clarification on what we saw that night, as we have no idea what it possibly could be. when the video stops at the end of the clip you can clearly see that the object in question looks like 4 squares with different coloured lights making up a square object. i will attach with this email the youtube video link so that you can watch it for yourselves, as i would like to possibly get some closure on what it actually could be and maybe it is an actual ufo sighting? if you also read the youtube video description, i explain that at the same time a few miles up the road someone else witnessed seeing something like the same that we saw, so it wasn't just us who saw it. i don't know if you work in the uk but still i would like your opinion with this video. this our first time approaching an agency that deal with ufo reporting and documenting and we hope that you help us understand if it is an actual ufo sighting? many thanks ryan forward & christopher thomas link to video with full sighting description included:- i have also added 2 screen snapshots from my phone of the other witness sighting in maesycwmmer that i found on a uk ufo website.

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Credit: MUFON

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