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Sunday, September 30, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Portage, Michigan on 2018-09-24 19:15:00 - Observed one black silent vaporless triangular or arrow shaped ufo that accelerated to tremendous speed.

After work & after buying a yogurt i walked back to my car. i entered my car and opened up the sun roof as it was a clear warm fall day. the ciris clouds were high so i could see clearly. as i looked up through the sunroof i noticed something i just can’t explain. i observed a silent trail less or vaporless black object flying in an eastward direction. it was kinda of triangular or maybe arrow shaped. i think it had some kind of wings or appendages that were swept back. it think that i saw at least one whitish blinking light on the right side of the object. i put my head up & through the moonroof to get a better look at what i was watching. i thought at first that the object was a passenger jet as there is a local airport about 3 miles from my parked car. what was peculiar was that the object was too high to start a descent to land however too low to have a normal flight path. it seemed out of place. strange that the object made no noise? it was at least a few thousand feet up probably a bit more. it’s hard to describe however the object seemed to glide instead of flying like a jet. it flew straight east and then after about 20 seconds it just shot or accelerated out of sight on its same course or direction. hard to believe however that’s what happened. could be but i’m not aware of any human or man made flying vehicle that can accelerate that fast like what i saw! i wish i had taken a picture of the object. i was kinda stunned at what i was looking at and thought about taking a pic after the fact. the idea that the object was black made no sound or noise then accelerate at extreme speed made me write this report to you. i’m not aware of any local or familiar airlines that fly their jets with a black color but i surmise could. i’m jusl still stumped or mystified about the incident.

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Credit: MUFON

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