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Thursday, September 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Vandiver, Alabama on 2018-09-12 20:15:00 - Saw low hoveringbright light that lasted around 20-25 minutes.

my husband and i were in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner and i went to the back door to let my dog in. i saw a bright sphere that seemed to be pulsating in the northwest night sky. i called my husband and we watched it together for around 10 minutes. i then went to my front door and observed a bright white cloud looking formation in the southeast sky,and as we were standing on the front porch looking at it we saw 4 distinct bright white flashes like explosions occur within it.These flashes lit up the sky for a few seconds and then stopped.The bright white cloud looking formation however remained.It seemed to be lit from within. we went back to the back deck where we had observed the pulsating sphere shaped object and it had totally disappeared. it did leave behind some kind of misty looking vapor in the exact spot where we had seen it. went back to the front, and nothing but a misty looking vapor type thing remained of the bright cloud looking thing that had seemed to be lit from within and flashed bright white light.We were both asking each other what this could have been because neither of us had ever seen anything even remotely close to this. i actually felt as though i had seen something i was not meant to witness. both of these occurrences were happening at the same time and we both felt they were parts of the same thing.I do not know how close these things were,but to us it seemed that they were just hovering above the treeline, and they looked very large. i am 60 years old,and have never experienced anything like this. when it was gone i felt very emotional and for some reason started to cry. i am not a cryer!I felt very weird...Sad,aggitated,unable to sleep at all last night. i searched the internet this morning to see if anyone else may have seen this and perhaps reported it, but i could find nothing. i discovered this sight as i searched for info on what we had experienced. i only know one thing...What my husband and i experienced was real. we saw the exact same thing,and neither of us know what to make of it.That we are perplexed would be a gross understatement.As for me personally, i cannot shake this feeling of sadness and aggitation. something has definitely affected my emotions.

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Credit: MUFON

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