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Thursday, September 13, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Branson, Missouri on 1992-04-15 20:30:00 - No memory b4 seeing ufo, first sight of ufo directly above me very close but soundless

I was walking home with my dad and we was travelling through some farm/crop fields, a route we often took daily, a route i know very well, but i dont seem to remember travelling through the crop fields or going over the fence steps , my first memory of the entire incident is being right in the middle of the field, finding myself looking directly straight up , to see a round circle shaped object moving very slowly passing over us , i looked at my dad who i was walking with at the time and notice he is looking directly at the ground, i ask him whats that? he replied quickly but with a dull sort of unmotivated response its a helicopter, i said to my dad it dont look like a helicopter, and he quickly replied helicopters come in all shapes and sizes, being a young boy of around 8-9yrs old i took that as the reason, but as i got older and started finding out more about ufo sightings, i quite vividly remember how silent this craft was, no sound what so ever, i didnt see helicopter resemblence in any way and i found it very strange how i did not see this craft approaching us , that the 1st time relieazing it was there was literally as it passed over our heads directly above us, if i was walking south, the ufo was moving north, passing over us, so surely if it was a helicopter of some sort it would of been esily spotted coming towards us way b4 its passing over my head, it was very low to the ground maybe a meduim tree high up, ...So close but silent , i look back at it now and i can see my dad seemd on edge, scared, and maybe he was jsut reassuring me, ... we did not speak at all the rest of the journey home and we have never spoken about it since, but i recently witnessed a possible 2nd sighting whitch got me thinknig about this incident im reporting now, im reporting it becuase i believe abduction could of taken place and after doing extensive researh into ufo phenomina and reviewing alot of mufons own files i think i should of reported this alongtime ago,

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Credit: MUFON

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