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Thursday, September 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ocean Shores, Washington on 2018-09-26 20:40:00 - Very bright neon or halogen-like blue and yellow lights in a

I was walking my dogs at about 2040 hours on 9/26/18. it was a clear, dark sky as the moon had not yet risen in the east. i always look at the sky on these dark nights and have been watching a very bright planet (mars?) move across the sw sky for a couple of weeks. a very bright light caught my eye to the nw immediately south of ursa major moving west. my first impression was that it was a high altitude satellite or perhaps a jet aircraft as it made no sound; however, as it traveled to the west, the neon or halogen-like blue and yellow lights became quite distinct. the lights were steady and non-pulsating. my best description is that the lights were the pattern of a snowflake or similar to a fireworks burst frozen in time. it had no definitive outline, but if i were to connect the outside edges of the lights it would be a circle (imagine spokes on a wheel, but all you can visualize are the spokes). the object moved slow, but steady and did not seem to waver from a straight line. i watched it pass through (under) cassiopeia as it traversed eastward. the lights slowly faded into a single line in the east which suggested to me these lights were in a flat plane like the bottom of a plate or cup. only a few seconds had passed from the lights' disappearance when a prop-driven aircraft was identified moving from west to east in the same direction that the lights had just faded. the movement of the plane gave me a general frame of reference for the movement of the lights. the lights moved much slower than the plane which i realize would only be helpful if the two objects were at the same altitude. however, if the two objects were at the same altitude, the object emitting the lights would have to be much larger than the aircraft. when i got home just a few minutes after the event, i made a colored drawing and wrote as many notes as i could. one other observation is that for only a very few seconds when the lights were directly overhead, part of light pattern was occluded as if something were blocking my visual field. this seemed very odd since there were no trees blocking the view - it seemed as if there may have been another object, likely opaque, that had come in between the lights and my visual field. many nights over the years viewing the sky, but never anything even remotely close to this.

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Credit: MUFON

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