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Monday, September 17, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Morgan City, Louisiana on 2018-09-17 05:43:00 - Orb-like object that moved like a plane, but definitely not a plane spotted in the early morning hours

I take my dog out every morning at approximately 5:40 am in my front yard in south central louisiana. i always look up in the sky and never see anything at all. but this morning i see what looks like mars, but it appears to be moving. at first i thought it was my imagination. so i picked out a tree (it was still dark outside) and could clearly see that, in relation to the tree, the object definitely was moving. i've seen thousands of planes in the sky. this was not a plane, there were no lights, no blinking, nothing to indicate a plane or helicopter or anything such. the object appeared to be traveling well below the altitude that planes normally travel, approximately 1-2 miles altitude, if i had to guess. the object was an orangish/reddish perfect sphere and glowing to a certain extent. it moved like a plane at an uninterrupted cruising speed similar to the speed a plane would travel. i observed the object at about 50 degrees above the horizon for about 15 seconds until it disappeared out of view. no sudden movements occurred. the object maintained a straight bearing from approximately nw to sw. it gave me the chills to be quite honest, not that anything extraordinary occurred other than a normal eye witnessing of the object. i guess because this was my first sighting. i'm a firm believer that "aliens" and "ufos" are the biblical false angels that the bible speaks of. i believe something big is going to happen very soon, possibly a false deception/takeover from the "aliens" that are actually satan's demonic entities.

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Credit: MUFON

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