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Monday, September 17, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Texas on 2008-01-08 00:00:00 - I was driving east on i30 toward mesquite from dallas. there was a light that’s rose up from the horizon straights up very smooth a fast, then took a 45 degree turn and shot in to space in the blink of an eye. was in distance, rockwall or hunt county

Jan 8, 2008. i was driving east on i30 from dallas to mesquite to visit my parents about 4:00 in the afternoon. i was about where the border of dallas and mesquite on i30 when directly in front of me, in the distance (far like rockwall or hunt county) a bright white light (like a star) rose straight up over the horizon very fast, vertically, it was faster than any airplane i’ve ever seen, and smooth/steady for about 3 seconds. it got about 20 or 30 degrees up in the sky from where i was, then shot off at a 45 degree angle. like it just shot into space in the blink of an eye. i would have missed that part of i would have blinked. it was gone. all in all, aboutr 4 seconds total time that i watched it. my first thought was “damn, i just saw a ufo”. it had happened so fast and so unexpectedly, that i didn’t get scared or nervous or even that excited. just, “huh, wow”. i decided i probably would not tell anyone because it was in the distance, it happens so fast...Wasn’t much to tell, i guess... not much of a story that would impress anyone. i’d probably forget about it, is what i thought. when i got to my parents’ house, we were eating dinner and the television news was reporting that people had seen ufos in stevenville and some other places that day. then it really hit me that i did see a ufo. but it was the opposite direction than stevenville. i told my parents what i saw on the way there, but they didn’t say much. that kind of stuff makes my mom nervous. for the next few days it was really clear blue skies around here and i couldn’t help but look at the skies. thing is, i kept seeing things in the sky that i could not not see... it was weird. it wasn’t like when you can see the bacteria or particles swimming on your eye, it was more like watching millions of little white lights swarming and intertwining, like watching a pond full of minnows from above. like they were jumping out of the water, over and under each other, but the sky is the surface of the lake, teeming with little white minnows (white lights). so, they looked like they were jumping into our atmosphere and returning really fast, like little fish jumping out of the water. very fast and fluid. make sense? once i could see it, i couldn’t not see it when i looked. it was kinda tripping me out and my mom got worried and told me to stop looking. so i did. i was calm, not panic, but thinking a lot. i started having anxiety problems that i didn’t know where anxiety. digestion problems, chest pains, fatigue, nervousness. i feel like i got over that when i realized it was anxiety, but at the time, i thought something was really wrong, which added to the anxiety. i have been thinking about it and telling people about it ever since. my memory was telling me that it was feb, 8, 2008 and i could not find any news reports, then i finally saw it was january. time warp, haha. i had had an experience with the marfa lights in 2005 that made me believe that they were imtelligent and could read my thoughts and feelings when i put myself out to them with my mind (long/funny story). i have only recently realized that they were receptive to my playfulness and humor, but stopped interacting and vanished when i felt fear. point is, what i saw in 2008 was maybe a similar light (both were fast and changed directions very quickly) but the one outside of dallas or rockwall was much further away. i felt like i witnessed a ship or something taking off. i think about it all the time.

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Credit: MUFON

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