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Friday, September 14, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Jamestown, Ohio on 1998-08-31 01:30:00 - Large orb shaped object, slight glow and humming, traveling down paintersville new jasper rd, hovered over trees then disappeared

(note: i, joshua kidder, submitted the previous jamestown, ohio entry, the roads were copied and pasted wrong and i was unable to edit after submitting. this entry has an accurate description of the roads and direction.) it was the fall of '98, the sky was clear with a crisp breeze. we were driving down waynesville jamestown road heading west, me and my friend, in a t-bird with the top off. we had left a friends house in jamestown and the radio was blaring some kind of hip-hop music at the time; we were just enjoying the night. we approached the stop sign at paintersville new jasper and waynesville jamestown road. as the car came to a stop, a second or two later, the vehicle completely stalled and the radio cut out. we tried to start the vehicle several times but it would not start, and off in the distance we began to hear a faint low hum that was getting closer. as we began to look about, a somewhat large orb began to approach from the right, north-west direction of paintersville new jasper and seemed to be draining the lights from the surrounding area, or seemed to be absorbing in light. the objects size was large but i have nothing to compare the size to and the object had a faint sliver-ish glow about it as it passed over in front of us in the sky. as the object proceeded to head down paintersville new jasper road, heading south, the vehicle started back up on its own. we sat there staring in complete silence, then we proceeded after the object. my friend made a left onto paintersville new jasper road and sped on after the object. the object was on the left hand side of the road and above the tree line. the object stopped and was hovering above a small patch of woods, near or behind a house on the left side of the road on paintersville new jasper road. we came to a stop on a curve, beside a drive-way leading back to a house where the wood patch was at and the object was hovering over. the vehicle was still running, and we sat staring, i was saying to my friend as well if he could see that, he was acknowledging he could see the object as well. we were both excited about the whole event at the time. my friend was bouncing up and down in his seat, we were talking back and forth. as the object hovered over the trees for sometime the object just then disappeared, it didn't sit there long. we sat there talking for a few minutes about what just happened, turned around in the drive-way and then headed to his mom's house just down the road.

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Credit: MUFON

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