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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Wetaskiwin, Alberta on 2016-06-13 08:15:00 - Wetaskiwin/ponoka/hobemma

Being questioned in regards to being a missing persons in a cold case, that goes back to when i was young. you have to deal with the case at the case at the age it happened to a victim. there has been a lot of controversy about government involvement and experiments. the rcmp, interpol, gang units have been investigating this. in regards to government involvement when it has to do with a missing persons case and witness protection program, is what was brought up. interpol has had complaints about a secret society and program out of ponoka also. i have been bullied and harassed about being stupid that information wasn't reaching me. when that has to do with policing and securing a missing persons case, it is a liability of safety concerns, abuse, exploitation and other such issues. this has also been reported to the military police. in confirming a legal definition with the edmonton gang units with the rcmp, is it a) telepathy b) schizophrenia c) i was never involved in any gang or occult, they are classified as terrorists groups. now if it is telepathy, like question a bitchy face and swass ass face, than that would be a form of communication attached to a being , being used as criminal harassment, obstruction of justice etc. the that is unlawful and a criminal code offence, punishable by the law. same as there has been complaints of emails and texts for antagonizing etc, i have heard complaints from people saying they feel like they are misinformed, with this program out of ponoka trying to institutionalize them. that is unlawful. same as i have been approached by interpol who have stated not enough was being done for me as a victim in a cold case, complaints of people who are not qualified interfering in a police case. i would agree. the government assists victims in long term cases, such as a long term cold case and missing persons case and the impact it has on the victims life. it is stated as government to protect a victim and individuals in a case. i never knew i could do some things i can now, i do not appreciate being harassed or bullied about that either.

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Credit: MUFON

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