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Thursday, September 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Missoula, Montana on 2018-09-19 21:30:00 - Searchlight-like lights perfectly stationary, but pulsated irregularly.

Walking down the street, i glanced up and saw two lights approximately 45 degrees above the horizon in the north-northwest of missoula, montana. i don't know the degree separation between them, but there was about 1 foot between them, as measured by my hands at arms length. the left one was slightly below, or perhaps further away than the one on the right. they were in or above a thin cloud layer, and resembled searchlights playing on the cloud surface, though they were hazy around the edges, making me feel they were in or above the clouds, not reflected on the lower surface. though they appeared similar to searchlights, they remained completely stationary, there were only two, there were no beams present, and they did not rove or play across the clouds the way searchlights generally do. they pulsated, or rather did something between a pulsation and a blink, like the lights were being turned on and off, but it wasn't an instantaneous thing. the pulsating was irregular, like a slow morse code, and the blinks between the objects seemed related, almost as if communicating or blinking in response to each other. at first, i assumed they were just searchlights, but when i realized they were behaving strangely, i thought "what the hell", and at that same instant, one blinked rapidly and vanished, and the other faded quickly as if in response. they did not return, and the entire incident lasted approximately 20 seconds. they appeared to be several miles away, but i have no way of knowing for sure. they were in the general direction of the missoula airport, and i figure quite likely were just searchlights from there, but the behavior was strange enough that i thought i'd report it in case anyone else saw them.

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Credit: MUFON

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