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Monday, September 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Mallorca, San Andrés and Providencia on 2018-09-03 22:22:00 - Bright red light (sometimes second red light or pulsating green, both dimmer. satationary, then moved vertically and horizontally.

Our location was 39.537486 deg n, 002.559536 deg e. stormy night, thunderstorms with lightning towards the n-nw. closest airport weather report: lepa 032100z 250/07kt 220v300 9000m vcts few016 sct020cb bkn060 26/24 q1015 reshra tempo 4000m tsra observed by my wife and myself. brighter than acft ldg lights. my wife thought initially it was fireworks. bright red light hovering (over sea probably) at a bearing of approx 210 deg. 15 deg approx above horizon. altitude/diatance unknown. made a few totally vertical movements. then a sharp horizontal movement to an approx bearing 170 deg from us, in approx 1 sec. then vertical movements again. another sharp horizontal trajectory to initial point, followed by some verical movements. then heavy downpour (reduced vis), seen again at 170 deg bearing much lower than before. if the object had been 0.81 nm from us (over beach) it would have travelled at 2200-4500 kt. if it had been at 5.5 nm from us (over shoreline) its speed would have been 6900-13800 kt. observed with binoculars (8x40 40 mm objective) red light had a green flashing companion (approx 20 times dimmer) or another steady light (about 10 times dimmer). at one point it reflected the light of nearby lightning. my wife, looking at it with binoculars described a shape like a helicopter with no rotors. one single still picture (attached) taken with digital camera lumix objective diam 24 mm, zoom 20x (do not recall zoom setting). i am an airline pilot with 20 years/23000 hr experience. we see acft landing, taking off or passing overhead on a daily basis. could not have been laser reflection as there were no cloud to reflect the beam.

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Credit: MUFON

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