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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Kos, on 2018-09-07 01:30:00 - Chevron/delta shaped craft over kos, black with soft orange glow in places underneath craft.

My girlfriend and i were staying in the rooftop apartment in kos perdis family resort in kos town between 6th-10th september 2018 (latitude 36.889076 long - 27.298187), it was aprox 1:30am on the 7th sept and had made the bed outside so we could sleep under the star as the weather was especially warm something we did every night of our stay, we had a clear view of the sky and part of the horizon from our bed where we were sat/lay chatting, the strange thing is that before the sighting i said would you come with me if aliens would beam us up? completely in jest/joking, and we both said in a heartbeat as long as we were together, both genuine about it, but still a little tongue in cheek! we'd seen 4-5 streaks of light above us which were red/orange glow, theses moved very fast and would tail off in a different direction so theses wasn't shooting stars, maybe to fast for firefly's? or possibly bats? they seems to fast for either, possible reflection off the bat wings? bird wings? we're not to sure (but trying to find logical solutions for it) anyway at approx 1:30am plus or minus a few minutes we then saw a delta/chevron black craft fly over us,the rear of the craft was harder to define (kinda blurry), it was moving sse over the building/resort, from nnw direction (nearly from north to south) it was very easy to define the front edge of the craft having a triangle/swept wing front and was completely silent,steady and constant in motion, as it was dark we could see a faint orange glow on the the underbelly of the craft in various locations (lights of sort, but hard to make out a defined shape/source, and because it was dark to allow yourself to get detail we had to look slightly off to one side of the actual craft, due to night vision) the craft moved right over us and looking at the rear of the craft once it passed us it didn't seem to have anything that resembled a conventional engine i.E like a normal aircraft would have or flashing lights, the craft then went out of sight across the mountain range. my girlfriend said it was an eagle? something i find very hard to believe being the time, it was 1:30am, and is now in complete denial about it, i said did you see that? and she said yes i did, i thought i was seeing things, but this was witnessed by both of us, it left me feeling as if this was presented to us for a reason, something maybe connected to our consciousness, seeing that craft having had the conversation we'd did was not a coincidence, i feel it was to let us know they're here and they can sense us and are connected through consciousness, maybe the red/oranges streaks were connected and prompted us to have the conversation before seeing the actual craft, either that or a major coincidence and a stealth like craft of which the technology is was beyond our wildest dreams. i, myself have had a major experience separate from this some years ago and i'm ex-reconnaissance in the british army, having served over 10 years on operations in the middle east and various other countries around the world, so i appreciate how crazy this sounds, but nevertheless we saw it.

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Credit: MUFON

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