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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Amarillo, Texas on 1989-05-31 21:30:00 - Ufo reaction to implant stimuli?

Approx. 2.5 months prior to the main incident central to this report, had a day-time sighting of large, cylindrical object maneuvering over the northeast quadrant of amarillo, tx during early 04/1989 (mufon case number 90639). during that sighting, seemed to experience an unusual "sensation" that my thoughts and mental processes were somehow being "examined/evaluated" from afar by the object's occupants/controllers, accompanied by an uneasy apprehension that i may have come under "interested scrutiny" by the phenomenon. beginning the very next day after that sighting, through the period to the sighting central to this report, started experiencing/observing several weird occurrences around the household that ultimately seemed to focus mainly around my son. for myself, i seemed to take on a "compulsion" towards reading up on and studying the phenomenon, starting that first day afterwards with the book communion by author whitley streiber, followed by many others. the evening of starting the reading of the book communion, my son experienced a concerning-sized "nosebleed" that ruined his bed linens, which he thereafter seemed to repeat on a 1-2 week basis. shortly after the nosebleed episodes had started, he reported having observed a landed saucer-shaped object within the large, fenced rear yard of the residence through his bedroom window (details and son's sketch available to investigators/researchers). over the next 2 days after starting to read the book communion, a pair of nieces residing close nearby happened to observe me reading the book on separate occasions each, asking a few questions while staring at the book's cover image. during both occasions, while explaining, i observed both nieces suddenly tense up with looks of surprise/shock on their faces, as one of their nostrils developed a spontaneous, heavy nosebleed, from opposite nostrils between the nieces. my own daughter seemed to experience only about 1-2 of the nighttime nosebleed episodes during the entire period. by the time of the sighting central to this report, various emotional build-ups towards the continuing apparent injuries resulting in the nosebleed episodes had me at "wit's end" towards desperation as to what to do about protecting my children from such. from the various books read, determined the purpose behind such injuries is the implantation of various tracking/monitoring devices within the body of the subject, that considering the apparent technology level of the sources of the devices, likely surpasses mere position tracking of the subject, and could well also involve "active monitoring" of the general environment surrounding the subject. on the evening of the sighting central to this report, after yet another bed linen replacement on son's bed so he could go to sleep, was informed by him that the nosebleed had been caused by a few diminutives of a "gray" variant that had somehow simply "passed through" the wall and closed window of his room, and jabbed him up his nose with a long, needle-like device, getting blood over its own hand in the process, which it was reported to have alarmingly "licked off". as a result of the built-up anxiety and frustration, sat both children down before bedtime while explaining my suspicions to them concerning suspected implants, and reassuring them that what i was about to say was not directed towards either of them, but instead towards "whoever" was monitoring things "through" them. after both children acknowledged my directions, i began by addressing "whoever is monitoring things through my kids" and informing "them" that i was "on to them" and their activities of injuring my children. angrily complained about the phenomenon apparently "forgetting about/disregarding" me and instead focusing their attentions on my helpless children, and that if they continued to harm my children, if they ever had me aboard their craft and "lost control over me", i would literally "rage through the crew like a juggernaut". after following the comment with several graphic descriptions of what it would probably look like for a enraged, uncontrolled, adult male human to engage a group of spindly, pencil-necked "fly-weights" in hand-to-hand combat within an enclosed, confined space, i dismissed both children off to their bedtime and busied myself gathering up household trash for disposal into the residence's rear ally dumpster. carried the bags of trash out of the rear door, across the yard through the fence's rear gate, deposited the bags into the ally dumpster, and began returning to the house. as i reentered the rear yard area and began crossing it, i suddenly got a quite uneasy "feeling" that i was not alone, and was being "watched". for whatever reason, my first impulse was to become stationary and look directly above me, being initially startled and surprised to observe a silent, quite dimly-illuminated, circular object passing over me at a very slow speed, on a west-to-east trajectory. the object appeared to be at approx. 300-500 feet altitude, looked to be approx. 30-60 feet in diameter, and traveled at a speed which was easily paced at a slow walk, with no deviation in altitude, trajectory, or speed observed throughout the sighting. the object was initially observed to be at 90 degrees directly overhead of me, and observed through a position to the east of approx. 40 degrees above horizon, maintaining a circular appearance throughout, giving the impression of being globular/spherical in shape. the object was quite dimly-illuminated by an orange-red light that appeared to originate internally without any noticeable source-points for the light, and seemed to be of a diffused nature, similar to a light shining through a cloth-type lampshade. object was uniformly and steadily illuminated, with the exception of either a dark internal or exterior-surface widely separated, but connected "strut work" feature. a hot air balloon was immediately ruled out, because of a combination of lack of any noticeable hanging basket and propane tank/flame source, as well as flying at night in close proximity to an international airport and its traffic. upon the realization that the object was instead something weird, i was surprised to get the impression of a "mental message" sent my way, stating "we have not forgotten,...And we heard you." the perceived message struck me as grudgingly made, in response through the suspected implant monitoring, and was the only such experience during the sighting. sighting of object was lost after total of approx. 3 minutes, by simply giving up on observing it, and reentering the house. as a post-sighting note, although the weird activity around the household did not cease completely, its frequency was dramatically reduced. at the time of the sighting, the partial moon was approx. 45 degrees off horizon in southwest, temperature was cool, light breeze out of southwest, and area had sparse, light, high-altitude clouds. sketch available.

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Credit: MUFON

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