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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Custer, South Dakota on 2018-09-04 00:00:00 - Very obvious alot of different activity effected temps huge lights ship orbs comet like

I went outside and noticed a strange blue light that fle away the left and fled left then tons of flashing orbs orbs then changing to saucer huge spaceship outline. very clear sky's except we're it occurred it had manifested a large black hole...Noticable even tho it was already pitch black tons of shooting starts went towards it including clouds and we even lost are balance. i at first believed a nuke had been detinaded. then just like the hopi prophecy saw a b!He flashing light and what appeared to be two comets headed are wzg. i am a shaman so i put my hand up and lprayed when i felt the holy spirit come the comets vanished. i believe i actually witnessed the distraction of old earth and then was in another dimension i saw two large angelic beings that were lit up one faced towards earth another appeared to be on a cloud with a vase in her hand and was pouring liquid....This event was more than a mere ufo sighting alot of prophecy was witness. in the middle!E of this event a huge crown with shining lights beamed in the distanced it appeared as tho a large wave of water was coming towards us this is when the temp dropped 20 something degrees. then this object with a fire trail and a ring around it appeared right then it was very warm....As a shaman i believe i witnessed the distraction of the three lower demensions but i'll focus on the ufo stuff your welcome to ask more about the prophetic things i saw...I felt gravity was having pendulum swings i felt disoriented and the lull of what in my opinion was a created small black k hole all this went on for about two hours and of course the eastern sky has been seeded bc there are no clouds anywhere. i believe i and my friend were witnessing a battle as if anninaki and pladiens were at it again the moon was almost as bright as the sun but no lighting efect took place on earth....I called national news the authorities and it seems noone else saw this but j feel doubtful of that bc this event was massive!!! i do not want to share the video over the internet the device it's recorded on is no longer "on the grid" i feel it should stay that way...What's strange is that i never hit record i only took stills but to my shock this morning there is footage. not of the entire event but enough to make you say hell yeah!!! captured are multiple orbs two transforming into small discs also a ball with fire trail and a ring around it. on closer analisis i caught what looked like a mother ship. you can see it for about 2.5 seconds. there are also i think three smaller ships. i know that with the right computer stuff...Sry i'm not a tech person so i have no clue what process you use for enhancements. but i think i've seen something about the use of contrast. even on a crappy phone cam i've captured this....I am hopeful that there are ways to make it more vivid etc in my opinion this is the best video i've ever seen bc i've seen one with floating lights but no structure as well extremely fast objects that are seen in less than i second. the important thing in my video is it has all these elements and a clear visible craft without white wash lights. it seems like on one hand something was attempting to obstruct the view with clounds and on the other something that kept banishing this away. ttys....Michael

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Credit: MUFON

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